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Renovating apartment for rentals

by Rosa on February 20, 2024
Renovating apartment for rentals

Interested in renovating apartment for rentals?

You need to think about all the details from the beginning so that you can maximize the property’s value and always have the differentiation factor you need, a touch of magic or spectacularity. The value that good taste can bring is key, do not hesitate to consult with Rosa Fuerte Properties so that we can help you get the most out of it.

Let’s look at an example:

Initial Layout

This has been the start of renovating apartment for rentals in Madrid Rio. It was important to rethink the layout to make it an attractive monthly rental with spacious and more contemporary spaces.

The initial layout was that of a very small and dark living room, as the opaque doors to the terrace blocked the light. The bathroom was almost like a Tetris, sitting on the toilet with long legs was a challenge.

Renovating apartment for rentals

The new Layout

The proposed solution has been a change in the location of the semi-open kitchen, providing much more space and light to the entire area. The partial separation of the kitchen gives us a perfect support point for a wall-mounted TV, creating a comfortable space to relax with a 3-seater sofa.

The central space increases, where the old kitchen was, and the bathroom remains in a perfectly comfortable rectangle. Room 1 expands, leaving 2 good-sized rooms, accommodating 4 people, just as in the previous case with 3 rooms.

The round table could also be rectangular and placed against the right wall to be closer to outlets if used for work as well. The entrance to the bathroom could be concealed with a semi-open visual divider for more privacy.

redistribucion piso antiguo
redistribucion piso antiguo


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