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Kitchen Design in Villa for Events

by Rosa on February 8, 2024
Kitchen Design in Villa for Events

The 1000m2 Villa had a kitchen in the basement, about 20m2, old-fashioned and rustic. Its location was inconvenient, as one had to go up and down stairs to reach the formal dining area, and to access the garden where events took place, it was on the opposite end of the house.

The challenge was to design a new, modern kitchen in a more convenient location, practical for catering companies and large groups visiting the house. All of this had to be done without sacrificing the sleeping capacity of the house, maintaining the limit of 30 people.

Initial Main Floor Plan

Final Main Floor Plan

The new kitchen design

The proposed solution turns the kitchen into one of the most special places in the house. With large windows offering views of the estate’s horses, high tables are placed for enjoying coffee while taking in the scenery.

The two large islands with lower shelves make it an ideal space for catering companies and event preparations. It can even be used for cooking contests. The islands can be moved if necessary, as different occasions may require a different layout.

The 90cm induction hob with flex induction allows flexibility for large pots, pans, paella pans, trays, or grills. The oversized sink ensures convenience for this area. A large side-by-side fridge is ideal for this case.

High-quality materials, pull-out drawers, top-brand appliances, and a design blending rustic and modern elements make this kitchen an excellent space, adding significant value to the property, which is crucial given the Villa is on Sale.



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