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How to Choose Bed Linen for Short Term Rentals

by Rosa on October 28, 2023
How to Choose Bed Linen for Short Term Rentals

Bed Linen for Short Term Rentals

In short term rentals, bedding, sheets, comforters, towels, pillows, are a key aspect that guests will pay close attention to and can impact the rating of your accommodation. We provide our recommendations to help you make the right choices.

What sheets to but for short term rentals?

Firstly, the sheets should be white. Guests should have a sense of cleanliness, akin to a hotel experience. Additionally, when taking sheets to the laundry, it’s often advantageous for them to be all white; some laundries require it, or offer better prices when everything is white.

Regarding the material, while cotton is of good quality, sheets made from a blend of cotton and polyester are also soft and pleasant. They wrinkle less and are easier to iron.

The sheets chosen by Rosa Fuerte for our accommodations are selected for their great softness, excellent value for money, availability in all sizes, and the convenience of being delivered within 1 or 2 days.

Ideally, it is recommended to have 3 sets of sheets for high-rotation tourist rentals, or 2 sets with some extra sheets for monthly rentals or less frequently rotated rentals.

Bed sheets for short term rentals

What duvets to choose for your accommodation?

Duvets, bedspreads, or duvets are also an important factor for comfort and the visual appeal of your accommodation.

Firstly, ideally, they should all be the same, once again to give a sense of uniformity and professionalism, akin to a hotel.

We choose a medium thickness, 300g, suitable for all seasons. Unless it’s a property in a very cold area, where a thin summer bedspread of 120g and a thicker one for winter, 400g, would be advisable.

These can be machine-washed, and they are not too thick if they need to be taken to the laundry as well.

Optionally, you can add duvet covers – white – or not.

Breathable and Soft Duvet – All Seasons 300gr

Light Duvet for short term rental120gr

Heavy Duvet for short term rentals 400gr

How to Choose Towels for My Temporary Accommodation?

The towels, of course, should also be white, to be able to take them to the laundry along with the sheets.

To avoid having too many sizes, we use only 2 sizes: the bath towel (140×70) and the hand towel (50×100). We should provide 1 set per person staying and leave some extras just in case. Therefore, for towels, we should buy at least 2 sets and a few more.

Regarding thickness, we use a medium quality, not too thick to avoid increasing laundry costs, but not too thin to ensure comfort and quality.

Towels shower 450gr – 140×70 – Pack 10

Hand Towels 450gr – 50×100 – Pack 10

For premium accommodations with fewer beds, we can opt for a slightly higher quality, around 550g

Premium Towels 550gr for short term luxury rental

Matress cover

Don’t forget to protect your mattresses with a waterproof mattress protector; accidents can always happen, and this way, you’ll prevent damage. It’s an essential investment.

Matress Protector for short term rentals

Ideal Pillows for Temporary Rental

Pillows are crucial; customers pay a lot of attention to them, as they contribute significantly to their sleeping comfort. They shouldn’t be too firm or too soft, catering to the preferences of the majority. We have chosen this type, and it has been very successful among our guests.

Ideal pillow for short term rentals


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