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redistribucion piso antiguo

Renovating apartment for rentals

Interested in renovating apartment for rentals? You need to think about all the details from th [more]
by Rosa
Feb 20, 2024

Kitchen Design in Villa for Events

The 1000m2 Villa had a kitchen in the basement, about 20m2, old-fashioned and rustic. Its locat [more]
by Rosa
Feb 08, 2024
Almohada ideal para alquiler temporal

How to Choose Bed Linen for Short Term Rentals

Bed Linen for Short Term Rentals In short term rentals, bedding, sheets, comforters, towels, pi [more]
by Rosa
Oct 28, 2023

Rent per Month near Madrid: Advantages

We review some advantages of monthly rentals near Madrid, with a duration ranging from 1 to 11 [more]
by Rosa
Oct 22, 2023

A long corridor with design

A long corridor is a challenge. It cannot be dark or dull. You will walk through it many times [more]
by Rosa
Apr 14, 2023

Refurbishing a Wood Dining Table

The old table was small, we bought an old table board that was bigger, 2,40 x 1,20 m, and barni [more]
by Rosa
Apr 14, 2023

Remodelation of antique furniture for the bathroom

This furniture style is called “Castellian”, very common in Spain as it was very mu [more]
by Rosa
Mar 29, 2023


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